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Doberman Security Products specialises in affordable, high quality Office, Sport and Home security alarms for everyday use. Our team of dedicated security professionals, engineers and researchers has spent years designing first-rate security products.


The Doberman range has an alarm for every need. From our Wireless GSM Home Alarm System which you can easily install yourself and set up to call you if your alarm is activated, through to our stand-alone wireless alarms which can be used to protect anything or anyone. Whether you want to protect doors, windows, sheds, gates, people, bags or anything else - Doberman has an alarm for you protecting your house, sports and office equipment.


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Our HOME Security range features high tech, effective, yet low cost solutions to a variety of home security needs. Either install a Wireless GSM Alarm to protect your whole house or select from our range of stand-alone wireless alarms to protect specific areas, doors, windows, gates, sheds or anything else both inside and outside your house.

The Doberman Security SPORTS range offers cutting edge security solutions for your active lifestyle. Our range of alarms allow you to protect yourself and your gear with innovative personal security by Doberman. 

Our OFFICE alarms utilise state of the art technology to bring you convenient, effective security for all your office or business needs. From alarms and entryway chimes for your office to portable security for your electronic devices and briefcases, Doberman Security has alarms to keep you and your business protected.



The Doberman Security range has been hugely successful in the USA market and is stocked in thousands of retail outlets across America. Our products have a top quality and excellent value-for-money reputation and can now be purchased in New Zealand


You will find all of our Doberman sports, office and house alarms to be simple to use, highly effective, as well as affordable.


Doberman Security Products New Zealand is proud to be 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated.



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