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Wireless GSM Alarm System

Wireless GSM Alarm System





The Doberman Security Wireless GSM Alarm System allows you to protect your home or business with an easy to install, yet very effective, alarm which you can monitor yourself.

Why pay costly monitoring charges when you can easily program your Wireless GSM Alarm to ring preset phone numbers with your pre-recorded message, or send an SMS to your selected mobile phones, to alert you to an intruder.

The Wireless GSM Alarm kit includes a main panel with LCD screen and built in PIR sensor, a wireless PIR Sensor, two wireless Door Sensors, two remote controls and a siren.

Additional wireless PIR sensors and Door Alarms are available separately.



  • LCD screen with time clock display
  • Remote control arm, disarm, monitor and intercom by phone
  • Main panel has built in PIR motion detector
  • Voice prompt for all operations
  • Can preset 6 phone numbers for autodialing, 3 numbers for receiving SMS
  • Can send SMS to arm/disarm/check alarm record
  • Tamperproof alarm function - button on back side of alarm will trigger alarm if button is loosened
  • Includes PIR Sensor, two Door Alarms, 2 remotes and siren
  • Easy to add extra sensors and accessories



  • 3 wired and 99 wireless defence zones
  • 10 seconds voice message recording
  • Built in rechargeable backup battery
  • 110dB Alarm














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